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Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

At Carpenter Community Charter, our school motto is Building Young Minds for the Modern World. Our mission is to provide for the children of Studio City a motivating and nurturing neighborhood school where challenging academic programs include hands-on learning and are enriched by our commitment to art, science and athletics. Carpenter is a place where the whole child is encouraged to thrive and grow in pursuit of the skills needed to become successful global citizens.

Our blueprint for success includes:

  • Placing an emphasis on multidisciplinary, project-based learning that encourages our children to make connections between the curriculum and the real world, turning them into life-long learners
  • Infusing an enrichment curriculum of music, dance, studio art, physical education, science and technology, which supports and supplements our standards-based curriculum
  • Employing hands-on, investigative learning with indoor and outdoor science labs, including garden space and a robotics program, a dedicated media lab and mobile classroom technology, and special off-site field work, such as the team-building leadership retreat for fifth graders
  • Providing a solid foundation in communication skills
  • Teaching a meaningful connection to one’s own emotions and how to control them through mindfulness training
  • Emphasizing kindness and values that foster self-esteem and respect for each other and for the idea that other people’s beliefs may differ from one’s own
  • Instilling in our students a sense of responsibility to the community outside of Carpenter with a yearly Community Service week which includes daily service projects and seasonal book and toy drives
  • Involving all stakeholders – parents, students, faculty, administrators, and local community partners – in the continuous improvement and success of the school
  • Striving to develop and advance the best practices for engaging students and parents, training teachers, and promoting educational excellence, collaboration, and innovation

Vision Statement

Carpenter Community Charter is a model of excellence in public education. Through a challenging academic program supplemented with an innovative enrichment programs that not only meets scholastic standards, but also fosters critical thinking, independence, creativity, and social-emotional well-being. Our children are encouraged to explore new ideas and embrace differences in our school community and the world around us.