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Allowed Food & Beverages On Campus


Per LAUSD BUL-6292.0 dated May 19, 2014 all District staff, students and parent groups received an update of the new mandatory Federal and State law regulations pertaining to the selling and/or serving of food and beverages, in competition with school meals, on campus during the school day.

As a result of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Smart Snacks in School Rule enacted by the 2010 Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act to Federal law, the following are policy changes to competitive food and beverage rules:

The Food Services Division is the School Food Authority (SFA) required to monitor all foods and beverages sold and/or served on school campuses and ensure compliance with all applicable competitive food and beverage requirements.

Therefore, all foods brought on campus for **classroom celebrations, parties, and special events must meet the following criteria:

  1. Meet the nutritional standards outlined in the LAUSD Food and Nutrition Policy Motion Implementation Plan, Appendix A.
  2. Comply with all applicable federal, state, and local regulations including the LAUSD District Wellness Policy.
  3. Listed on the LAUSD Approved Lists of Snack Foods and Beverages as an authorized food and beverage that can be sold and/or served on school campus.
** Two times per semester, at the teacher’s discretion, food and beverages served at classroom special events DO NOT have to be from the LAUSD Approved Lists of Snack Foods and Beverages. Classroom special events would include Thanksgiving or heritage feasts, Holiday festivities, Valentine celebrations and end-of-year parties, for example. Birthday parties/celebrations are NOT considered classroom special events.