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Focus on Art


Did you have the chance to study Picasso at age 6? Could you create a portrait using geometric shapes at age 10? Did someone show you how to create your own Chagall at age 7?

The benefits of the Art Program extend beyond just creating a creative outlet for our children. Studies time and again show that education thru art helps build confidence, enhance self-esteem, encourage and promote individuality, tolerance, focus, problem solving, cognitive skills, fine motor skills, self-expression and imagination.

The curriculum in our Art Program allows students to explore their creative sensibilities through different art mediums. The program incorporates math and science (anatomy, biology and critical observation). Students also learn about mechanical and spatial comprehension. There is an emphasis on observation, recognizing that anything we draw can be broken down into simple shapes. The Art Program teaches children skills and techniques they can use in their curriculum projects and assists the teacher with achieving art standards. The lessons are based upon the work of a specific artist, art history or technique. Participation in the art program is based on teacher request.

Below is some of what your child might be learning in our Art Program:

Shapes, Gestural, Perspective, Lighting/shading, Character Design, Life Drawing

Water color, Acrylic, Oil pastel

Color wheel, Color gradation and color blending, Lighting/shading

Different Mediums
Drawing fundamental, traditional watercolor & acrylic technique, 2-D, Found and recycled items

Art History
Followed by projects inspired by artist being studied

"If you have ever watched a child toil on an artistic creation, you'll have observed a single-minded pursuit of an objective. Children seem to focus more effectively when provided the freedom to work according to the artistic vision in their minds. Their devotion teaches them to concentrate in other areas of their lives." Christine O'Kelly, Young Rembrandts

At Carpenter, our mission is to educate the whole-child, and through superb enrichment classes such as our Art Program, we give our children the best education possible.

For more information on our programs, how to get involved or to answer any questions, please email us at [email protected].