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Carpenter Community Charter is dedicated to offering an enriched learning experience for our children and PFC is dedicated to funding it.

Through the generous support of our families and community, PFC provides funding for our exceptional enrichment and class-size reduction programs that enhance and improve the educational opportunities for each and every child.

PFC funding makes possible school-wide participation in a comprehensive music program, encompassing music history, singing, appreciation, movement and rhythm instrument instruction.
This program meets all federal, state and LAUSD mandated standards and offers all Carpenter students 30 minutes of physical education each week, guided by our credentialed coach, Marty Packham. Coach Marty works with classes to teach children about sports (rules, techniques and sportsmanship), personal physiology, self esteem and health.
Our dance program, led by instructor Rae Toledo Latsch , fills a portion of the Physical Education requirements as well as meeting the standards for arts curriculum as set forth in the LAUSD standards. Students receive 30 minutes of dance class a week for up to half the school year. Instruction emphasizes movement, stretching, and traditional dances.
PFC funding allows Josselyn Pacheco to work with all grades K-5, each week. The classroom science curriculum is reinforced with hands on experiments that take place in the lab or our outdoor garden. This opportunity to work on science projects has been embraced by our students, staff and district.
Carpenter's Media Lab, offers all students in grades K through 5 the opportunity to explore new technology in weekly classes led by their teachers and supported by a dedicated media lab instructor, Kho Roberts. Kho is also available to work with teachers in planning and coordinating lab projects designed to familiarize students with current word processing, presentation and design software.
PFC's Art enrichment program is art, encompassing art history and instruction. Matt Rivera teaches techniques and skills that students can incorporate into their curriculum projects. Art promotes individuality and self-expression, while improving fine motor skills. Matt Rivera teaches a variety of different mediums of art from drawing to watercolors and collage.
Mrs. Easley will be co-leading Restorative Justice circles with classroom teachers. She will see classes weekly for 6-week cycles before moving on to other grade levels so that she can assist every classroom.  In addition, Erica will be assisting at 180 Place, and she will be organizing a weekly lunch session, "The Builders," designed for students in need of additional support in grades 1-5. 
*coming soon*
PFC funding supports an intervention teacher, Carissa Larsen, who will work with small groups of students for language arts and math, helping to ensure students are learning grade-level standards. All students benefit from an enhanced teacher-to-student ratio during the pullout period. She will also support our EL students and assist with assessments. Lastly, Carissa will be collaborating with Mrs. Hong to reopen Power Hour on Tuesdays which has not been in operation since before COVID.  


Carpenter's Collaboration Program permits all teachers in a single grade level to meet bi-monthly during school hours to discuss educational strategies for enhanced classroom learning. During collaboration, a coaching staff, overseen by our credentialed PE instructor, directs physical education and supervises the student body, making possible this cooperative effort.


Your donations to PFC help fund two rotating, full-time aides to help in classroom as needed. The aides enable our teachers to work with smaller groups, giving more focused attention to the varied needs of all types of students on a daily/weekly basis. This program is coordinated with school administration and participating teachers. The aides also help at the morning valet line.


Your donations to Parents For Carpenter pay for an aide 15 hours per week to photocopy classroom handouts and learning materials for teachers at Carpenter. This service enables teachers and classroom aides to focus on students.


Funding from PFC and the PTA supports Carpenter's Disaster Preparedness Program, which ensures that the school possesses adequate supplies necessary for managing an emergency.


Funding from PFC donations help keep our campus safe and beautiful. Your donations pay for the weekly gardner, planting in the front of the school and maintaining the grassy field among other things.


Your Parents for Carpenter and PTA donations help pay for holiday gifts and a teacher lunch during a week-long school-wide event which include students, parents and administrators in a special celebration of Carpenter's dedicated teaching staff.


Working closely with each of Carpenter's teachers, the PFC provides every classroom teacher with $20 per student for the acquisition of educational materials required to support specialized curricula. Often this money, at the discretion of the classroom teacher, goes towards classroom art supplies, and enriched programs for the class.

For more information on our programs, how to get involved or to answer any questions, please email us at [email protected].