We receive funding from the District in the form of a block grant and our educational programs are designed to improve and build on educational options for all, as well as to increase professional training to support the development of programs that promote extraordinary achievement and potential. All Carpenter teachers incorporate differentiated instruction in their heterogeneous, multicultural classrooms, and gifted cluster classrooms are found in grades 3-5.

Differentiated education is the key to serving diverse types of learners and unique student needs. Differentiated instruction is not “different” or “more” instruction, but rather, core curriculum teaching in a variety of ways and involving a menu of student choices. The following is a link to our

Currently, there are 7 categories for GATE identification:

  1. Intellectual Ability
  2. High Achievement though OLSAT or SBAC tests
  3. Specific Ability through SBAC test
  4. Visual Arts
  5. Performing Arts
  6. Creativity
  7. Leadership

Please click on the link GATE Presentation below to access specific information about the criteria for each of the categories listed above.

The first and BEST place to start advocating for your child regarding any level of education, but particularly GATE education, is with your child’s classroom teacher.


Additionally, feel free to contact GATE Coordinator Elsa Mora ([email protected]) for more information about our GATE options.